LP Au bar de la Jeunesse (Teeny Records 1962)

Rare LP issued by Teeny Records from Brussels in 1962. Teeny was a sublabel from Ronnex Records. Most tracks were first released on Ronnex, Globe and New Sound
singles. The numbers from Les Anonymes and The Rowdies were only availble on this LP. "Crocker's Twist" from Les Croque-Notes was the signature tune from the RTB TV show "Au Bar de La Jeunesse"

LP Au Bar de la Jeunesse
01. Les Croque-Notes - Crocker's Twist
02. Clark Richard & his Tropical Stars - Come back to me
03. Kirk Viking - Kirk's Twist
04. Les Croque Notes - Idylle
05. Tino Serlet - Christine
06. Les Anonymes - Spleen
07. Ronnie Angel - Tjoelala Twist
08. The Rowdies - Eurorock
09. Lucky & his Fury Boys - Speedy Train
10. The Mysterious Men - Jenny
11. Ricky Morvan & The Fens - If you try
12. The Arrows - Dream boy dream

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